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Independent Escort Web Sites

Here at Moist Pixels we just love independent escorts in London. Bravely forging ahead in solitude, independent girls carve their own niche in an online world dominated by the big spending agencies, hoping to catch the eye (and the cash supply) of gentlemen looking for the hourly love of their lives.

And nothing is more up to the task than one of Moist Pixels’ delicious home baked, range free independent escort web sites, where no artificial colouring or preservatives are ever used. Our sites roam freely through the cyber world, strutting, confident and smelling as fresh as a new born baby that has yet to deliver it’s first fart.

WIX is usually our preferred choice to whip up an independent escort web site for London. It’s cheap, very easy to use and owned by some lovely Israeli people. They made over $600 million in 2018. So it’s quite popular, then.

Independent sites usually come in at around £350 to £400, and that extra £50 is if content writing is required.

Mistress Nicole

I have to say, the utterly gorgeous Nicole is a naughty girl. But at least she has impeccable taste when it comes to escort web site design, and was able to provide is with some sensational pics, which made our job of making her look great so, so easy. All content written by Moist. It was fun, as was dealing with Nicole.

Tantric Masseuse Tanya

A simpler affair was requested by Tanya who really only wanted a picture gallery and basic site so that she could get listed on the various escort and massage directories. Whisked up in WIX. Words written by Moist. Naked breasts by Tanya, bless her.

Ellie Of London

Fun site with lots of tongue in cheek text written by our tongue in cheek specialist content writer. Certainly, great pictures from the client helped the build of this site the award winning creation you see before you. Once again WIX was our go to platform.

Date Sabrina

Clean, modern site built from the ground up, and once again accentuated by Sabrina's stunning photography.

We love using WIX – it’s an easy to use system that saves money and time, and can be easily edited by anyone with an ounce of common sense and no technical knowledge. It has a very easy to use visually driven content management system, which allows non techies to modify the site, upload pictures and change layouts. All very easy. In fact – and don’t tell anyone – but if you feel brave pour yourself a glass of wine and have a play at WIX – you might be able to sidestep those over priced web designers like Moist and do it yourself. But if you need help, and you really have given it a go, then whatsApp us, and we’ll slip out of our pajamas and slip on our latex WIX gear.

Simple WIX templates can be made in next to no time. They’ll be responsive, and make your superb pictures look fabulous on mobiles, tablets and those old fashioned desktops that office workers still use. For those that require something more complicated, our WordPress experts are standing by 24/7


Image Editing
Yes we can do all of that. A bit of nip and tuck, some colour correction, enhance those eyes, bring in the waist a little. Remove that tattoo you wish you never got when you were a drunk 17 year old. We can do all of that for you. Oh yes.

Content Writing

Give us a few clues and we can stitch together some witty text for your web site, making the few people that read your content instead of just gawping at your pictures fall in love with how clever you are, and thinking what a good writer you are (and not just a very pretty face). If you like how this page reads, you’ll be getting something similar. No Indians. No Chinese. No Scottish people. Just good old fashioned English born writers equipped with enough puns to sail a ship across The Sea Of Vocabulary.

We’ve known Michael at Escort Exposure since , most probably, before you were born. Honest, thorough, detail orientated (he is German after all), and above all of that, respectful. He can make you look like the Hollywood starlet you know you are. And he’ll touch up your photographs so well that you’ll easily be able to charge an extra £50 an hour….


WIX has a couple of payment solutions. It has a free service, but you have to have a dreadful WIX web site address. If you want a proper domain name, like, then WIX will charge you $11 per month if you pay for a year up front. Still not bad.

If you want a WordPress site you can host with us, and we offer free hosting for the first year, because we are really very, very nice guys.


Always best to get yourself (or ask us to) a gmail account, and we can plug that into any web site you wish to go with.


It’s very, very difficult to gain any SEO traction for a small independent web site when the big directories take up the first two pages, but with patience and time it can be done. Our advice would be to begin your marketing and promotions campaign by advertising on the London escort directories who are on page one, and assuming you have great pictures, you will be up and running in no time.