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Below are some videos to explain the major functions of the CMS, and how to use it. Most of these features will be on your site and refer to our demo site, so there maybe somethings that are different.

PLEASE read our SEO guide before adding content. It’s crucial to get this right the first time, preferably before the new site is launched.

Your new site will have default location galleries already set up, but if your agency is outside of London all of these will have to be added. Generic girl type / custom galleries will also be set up, and you can add or delete these as you see fit.

Any custom features on your site will have a unique help video made and will be sent to you.

The Dashboard

Your admin home screen.

You can:
write notes to yourself or other admins
view and reset views and clicks stats for each of your girls
access any girl to edit her existing profile

Creating Text Links

You will learn:
how to create internal web links within the site
how to create text links to other web sites
how to create automatic site wide text links using AutoLink
how to use dropdown menus to create links

Creating A New Location Gallery

You will learn:
how to create a new incall location gallery
how to add new selectable locations

SEO tip: on all galleries you create around 300 to 600 words of original content should also be added. Each gallery has a section at the top of the page and below where your girls will be displayed for content.

Moist Pixels can write content for you – a 450 word article is £25

Creating A New Girl Type Gallery

You will learn:
how to create a new custom girl type gallery (blonde, busty etc)
how to add (or not add) that gallery to the dropdown TYPE menu

SEO tip: girl type galleries are searched for more than location galleries, but DO NOT add too many. Most users will go to the NEW gallery and to your ALL gallery and girl type galleries are largely used for SEO. I would advise to create 7 or 8 galleries that appear in teh dropdown and then perhaps a few more than can be linked to via text links from other pages on the site.

Adding A New Escort

You will learn:
Adding image watermarks
Setting up escort default values
How to add a new escort
What ‘NEW’ corner watermarks are
What ALT Tags are
Creating text links from each girl page
What the ‘Hidden’ gallery is

Moist Pixels also offers a management service where we optimise the images and create new escort profiles, plus we would SEOup the page  £25 per new girl update

Adding Content : The Escort Interview Form

You will learn:
How to create and edit an escort interview form
How to send that form

SEO tip: Since most of the pages on your agency web site are going to be escort profile pages, they are ‘light’ in terms of SEO. Lots of pictures and a few prices and stats. It is crucial to have a well written, informative bio

Adding Content : Individual Pages, Creating Content Sections

You will learn:
How to create and edit stand alone pages
How to create and edit self contained content sections

SEO tip: Google loves content. Google loves a site that is constantly being updated. We recommend at least new one content page is added per week. Using the ‘Escort Guide’ feature you will be able to create self contained sections with its own home page and links to the articles within that section. Ideal for restaurant guides, hotel guides and more.

Site Configuration

You will learn:
How to change the agency phone number on the site
How to manage which girls are in which gallery using our ‘Bulk Editors’
Adding and editing social media icons
Create and manage admin accounts (change your admin password)

Members' Stuff

You will learn:
How to edit the members’ login page
How to edit the members’ application form page
How to approve or deny a membership application
How to add a girl to the members’ gallery

SEO tip: Password protected sections of the site are not seen or tracked by Google and so there is no need to worry about SEOing up each girl page that you put into the members’ section