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Escort Web Site Templates

An escort web site template is an escort web site design that maybe be used many times over. It’s a quick and cheap way of getting a fully functional site with an advanced content manager without paying the costs of a custom design. IT HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED SEO wise, feature wise and it’ll get your agency off to great start since it is bustin’ at the seams with juicy, action packed features. Assuming my developers have been fed, they usually take about a week to complete.  Packed with SEO goodies, our famous easy to use CMS system and a lip smackin’ responsive design that’ll make your escort agency look spiffy on mobiles, tablets and desktops. And yes, of course we can change things. Of course we can.

Even if you do want a custom site, sometimes adjusting an existing escort template web site can save thousands in costs, so please look over our two template examples below.

Unlike other CMS systems, we wrote ours from the ground up, and it’s been written specifically for the escort agency industry. You will like it. Very clean, very SEO friendly, simple to use interfaces and super intuitive, ready to expand when your business blossoms.

Colour change? You want us to change colour of the template??? Alright – we can do that for you if you ask nicely. £150.

If you want further customization we can do that too and just bill you for the hourly changes. Most of our clients want some alterations, even if it’s just moving a few things around on the home page.

+ Escort web hosting is just £170 per year, with dedicated servers based in Europe from £75 per month. Free SSL (https) certificate as our gift to you.

Deluxe Template - £650

Everything you need in one tasty template site. Expandable, adaptable and so easy to use that one of our clients is an actual cat, who runs an agency and LOVES our CMS.

Sold AS IS for this price, but a nice change of colour can always be arranged for an extra £150 and we can always adjust the home page for a more custom look if you prefer. Always easy to expand on to suit your needs, whatever they maybe, and full use of our indoor swimming pool during the summer months (must be 18 or over)

Please see our expanded section on what our content managers can do


SEO STUFF (lots of it)
- edit meta title, description + keywords
- upload as many girls as you want to
- xml sitemap
- create as many custom galleries as you wish (blondes, busty etc)
- easily add image ALT tags
- create as many location galleries as you wish (Knightsbridge etc)
- edit and control URLs
- easy to use icon driven text editor, allowing font selection, colours, linking and more
- full control over H1 to H6 text formatting
- add as many extra content pages (FAQs etc) as you wish
- video uploader for girl profiles

Deluxe Template - £650

Variation using the same Moist CMS Engine.


- members module for password protected gallery
- reviews module for optional review publication
- create self contained content sections as well as single content pages
- optional blog
- editable escort interview form to compile info to write bios
- automatic XML sitemap update
- create public AND members profile from one page editor
- drag and drop image upload
- video uploader for girl pages

Advanced Template - £650

Improved design over the Deluxe templates with a better SEO home page, but uses the same Moist engine


Slidey-o-matic action on the home page, that can link to any page
Extra content feature on the home page
Home page featured girl text to help SEO
Editable overlay text on gallery thumbnails ('NEW', 'AWAY' etc)

No fiddly ‘spreadsheet’ type content managers from Moist. We have a very visual, easy to use product that is intuitive and expands as your business grows. We can always add more features, move the furniture around a bit of you want things different on your home page, change colour (of course) and anything else you’d like to give your template more of a custom designed look.

Our CMS is EXTREMELY SEO FRIENDLY and has everything you need to optimise and perfect your Google presence.  We have a nice SEO guide to get your started on your SEO career, but if that is something that really isn’t your cup of tea we offer site management duties and also third party SEO services