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Want to run your own escort directory?
Moist Pixels created the world’s busiest single city escort directory in 2007, and have been updating, managing and developing London Escort Guide (LEG) ever since. Moist Pixels developed the business model, the functionality and the design. Now in it’s third iteration, LEG continues to attract users and advertisers alike, and it is on Google page one for no less than 17 search terms (September 2019), including the highly competitive ‘London Escorts’ search phrase. Per Google Analytics, between 5000 and 6000 people come to London Escort Guide everyday.

If you want an escort directory built – Moist Pixels has the knowledge and the experience

We have two products, one geared for a single city and the other is designed to cover an entire country or region, with the ability to add as many cities as you wish. Scalable in every sense, we can add, move or change features to meet your needs.

Because in the USA guns are good and sex is bad, we do not sell this product to our friends in America. 

City Site

A site designed to operate in a single city, using a stripped down version of the LEG engine.


- create as many custom galleries as you wish (blondes, busty etc)
- create as many district/suburb incall galleries as you wish
- full range of comprehensive SEO features

Country Site

We do not sell the code to this site, as initial development was in the six figures, and is still ongoing. Nobody wants to pay that kind of money. Projects are assessed in a case by case basis, and we are careful not to move into the same markets that a site is already operating in. Hosting stays with us, without exception.

This site has been developed using the LEG engine, but since no one city other than London can really justify such a large, complex site, we have adjusted the site to cater to individual countries that will allow multiple cities/locations to be added. Other LEG features but have also stripped down.

And, like any of our products, this is not for sale in the USA.

Please email us to discuss your ideas for global domination.


- add as many cities and locations as you wish
- create girl type galleries within those cities
- google translate feature
- allows not only escort advertising, but also massage and other types of working girl
- xml sitemap
- keyword linking system (autolink)
- rss feed for the blog
- create as many content pages as you want
- create as many content pages as you wish
- create as many custom galleries as you wish (blondes, busty etc)
- location galleries
- location galleries
- control over all H1 to H6 text formatting

The easy to use, visual CMS makes running your own escort directory easier than you can imagine, with a client side admin powerful enough to allow your advertisers to take care of all of the boring day to day updates. You police, make sure everyone is behaving themselves, a few other admin tasks, approve or deny new applicants, delete any girl or escort agency that is not meeting your standards – and that’s about it.

Our proven system of blending free with paid advertising attracts both escort agencies and independent girls, and nothing is more attractive to potential advertisers than free stuff. The escort directory software is very SEO friendly, with automated meta tags, URLs and alt tags all inserted as each new girl and page is created.

You will be required to establish a merchant account. This authorizes credit card payments and dumps all of the money into your bank account. We have a great company to recommend if you need help on this.

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