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Welcome to the Headquarters of Moist Pixels.
If you put your ear close to your screen you may hear the hum and grind of the vast Moist e-Engines, powering tastefully tasteless parts of the Internet all over the world. We have created luxurious web sites for escort agencies and directories for mostly here in London but also our sites have ventured overseas, so enjoy their moment of glory on the continent.

We have been going A LONG TIME (23 years) and were amongst the first (if not THE first) escort design company to enter the London market. We can help you steer your business in the right direction in all aspects of the escort business in London, and we have a VERY good “in” with LEG – London Escort Guide

We produce the finest hand crafted custom web sites for agencies and independents. we also sell budget, content managed template sites and this year we have launched our new escort directory software. It’s a winner, and you know it. We are the engineering brains and fashion consultants behind London Escort Guide

Escort Templates
Our new version, launched in 2019, can be be any colour, has a custom gallery creator, oodles of SEO tools, live stats reporting, optional blog, you can create extra content pages, add content sections (like a restaurant guide), optional members gallery,  add home page banners for those damn directories that insist upon it, it’s social media friendly and will even go out with you to the seaside.
Our templates are now on Google page one for a number of search terms – even our entry level CMS systems are potent forces for SEO if used correctly.

Custom Design
We are here to listen to your dreadful ideas for web design and very carefully, we gently steer you towards the light. Effective web sites look great on all platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile) are SEO friendly, are simple to navigate and present the information in the clearest way possible. No clutter. Absolutely no, no clutter. We use the latest tools for web site design and the backend (admin) is so, so easy to use – you’ll have no trouble whatsoever being the master of your business.

The Moist CMS
Our content manager is custom produced – every semi colon and forward slash in the code was written by moist pixels. No off the shelf nonsense with Moist. No, siree. No dreadful WordPress, WIX of whatever is the go-to drag and drop system du jour. Our content management system is built to run just your escort agency web site. We have been adding and tweaking it since we began and offer continued support forever on all our CMS systems. it’s easy to use, vast and expandable with a full visual interface, child proof and our latest version is also water proof (to 100 feet).

The Moist Newsdesk


December 2023
Casino London Models is using our brand new CMS – this is a Moist template site plus quite a bit of customization. Site fully managed and SEO’d by Moist. Page one for ‘elite london escorts (Jan 2024)

October 2023

Sensual Touch Massage template site launched, with some cusomization.

February 2023
Saucy London template site plus customization launched.

April 4 2022
Our SEO for UK Glamour Girls has them now on page one for English escorts London and on page one for seven other search terms. AProv is on page one for nine search terms

March 14 2022
Complete revamp for Blue Velvet Girls launched today. AS part of our Site Management program we will also be working on their SEO.

Latest Designs

London Escort Guide

2007 – the Present
Ongoing development for London’s largest and most popular escort directory. From conception to development, and now management and upgrades, Moist Pixels has been like a father to LEG, nurturing it, guiding it through life and teaching it – time and time again – to look both ways when crossing the road. We manage all aspects of the site, including SEO (page one for just about everything)


Casino London Models

December 2023
When faced with inadequate tech support, over priced SEO  and held to ransom over the ownership of their own domain name, Casino London Models moved to the safety and honesty of Moist Pixels. CLM are now part of the Moist Pixels site management program – the client sits back and drinks champagne while we manage all of their content, design banners and manage their LEG presence, plus full SEO of course. We have, in just a few weeks, got the site to page one for ‘elite london escort agency’. More SEO success forthcoming.


Carmens Secrets

February  2021
Established high end agency are the proud recipients of our brand new CMS – new for 2021 – and this has allowed for easier admin of their content, real time, on site analytics, members only features, pricing grids and oh so much more.
Carmens are now part of the Moist Pixels site management program – we manage all aspects of their online presence, including SEO.


Web Hosting

Super reliable European based hosting, daily back-ups and offshore weekly backups
£200 for standard / shared annual web site hosting
Free SSL (https) certificate included, and yes, of course we will gift wrap it.

20+ Years Of Experience

Unlike a few of our competitors that recently have started to claim this as their start date, we actually did start in 1999, and about to enter our 24th year. That means a wealth of experience to help you, advice and above all, common sense decisions to help you save money.

Small Dedicated Team To Help You

Our schedule dictates whether or not we take on new clients as our small team works effortlessly and tirelessly on one site at a time. That way we can give you our undivided attention during development and launch. Our no nonsense approach will inform and educate you how to launch an agency, how to say no to the barrage of SEO companies that will be emailing you relentlessly, and how and where to spend your marketing money.

The Easiest To Use, Most Advanced CMS

Our first escort agency Content Management System was built from scratch 20 years ago, and we add, hone, polish and improve it every year. Our CMS even works out at the gym, TWICE a day. We've seen our competitors' products and we know we have the easiest to use system out there. Fully expandable, throbbing with SEO features and it will grow with you, and maybe even go out to lunch with you. With our CMS, you'll become an onsite search engine expert and the envy of all of your London escort agency rivals.