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SEO + Site Management



Too busy to do the onsite updates? Want to run your business and avoid messing with updating the web site? We can do all of that for you, allowing you to enjoy life and focus on larger issues. We can upload your girls to the big directories, write engaging content and witty girl bios and take care of all that tedious Photoshop work. Hey – with our site management services you’ll even have time for that extra hour in bed that you so richly deserve.


Adding girls to your escort agency web site is easy to do via our content manager, but to optimise the images, to optimise the SEO for each new page created, to write content for the escort bio – it all takes time, and that’s where the crack squad of Moistketeers steps in.
We charge £25 per girl.


For full site care, including escort updates, home page management, on site SEO, regular SEO content and article creation, unlimted banner design,  and LEG management (if London based) £950 per month.


Banner Design – £25
Any size, any flavour. Static or animated. Perfumed or scent free. If you are on LEG you should always update your banners at least once a month. What’s new catches the eye, as Roman emperor Maximus Returnus once said.


You Run You're Business. We'll Do The Boring Stuff

Update your girl profiles

We can crop, compress and Photoshop your images to make them look all sparkly and fab. Compress the filesize for super quick download. Crop them just right to cut out the family in the background. Flush out some colour and make your escort images look so good you’ll want to eat them.

Bio Writing
We can write engaging and witty bios. Some of our content managers come with escort interview forms so we can get some biographical info on them, and then we can create a nice bio for your escort.

On Site SEO
For each girl we add we’ll optimise her page to make is super tasty for Google. Meta tags, URLs, alt tags, keyword densities. Do you really want to mess with that? I didn’t think so….


From £950 per month

While SEO is of course important, it is not the only way to make your escort agency successful, as otherwise all but page one agencies would be out of business. Getting to page one is a very serious proposition and is not an easy goal, and is a long term commitment. Moist began offering an HONEST SEO service due to various competitors charging ridiculous amounts of money with little or no success.

The search term ‘London escorts’ is EXTREMLY difficult to get to page one, but ‘long tailed’ search terms are all doable. ‘Elite London Escorts’, ‘Open Minded London Escorts’, “south Kensington Escorts’ are all search terms that we have got to page one in the past. Indeed, one of our sites right now (Jan 2024) is on page one for eight well known search terms.


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