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Google Analytics

Moist Pixels will insert the necessary Google Analytics (GA) tracking code – using the feature in the STATS > GOOGLE ANALYTICS module of your content manager. Once embedded into the site, Google will start tracking LOTS of information regarding your site. Whilst a lot of the information is regarding Google’s paid AdWords program, there are several sections of information that are useful to you, as an escort agency owner.

The first report visible on the GA dashboard will be visitors to the site (or ‘traffic’ as it is referred to). Any marketing or SEO effort is looking to increase the traffic to the site, and after that the appeal of your escorts will ultimately result in bookings. If you are getting large amounts of traffic to the site and no bookings it maybe things like image quality, pricing too high, or perhaps a girl is on another site and might be cheaper there.

If you want to see the traffic to your site for a longer period, and gather more information about what people are doing on your escort agency web site, click on AUDIENCE > OVERVIEW
The default view here is for the previous week, but if you click on the dates, top right, you can set the chart to display any previous time period. After you have selected the time period, click APPLY

What is good traffic? That is hard to say as there are so many variables, but an elite agency should be getting 400 to 500 visitors per day and a normal priced agency should really be trying to get 700 or above visitors per day. When advertising on a directory one of the first things you should understand is how much traffic that directory is getting per day. Many lowly ranked directories may be getting no more visitors than you per day, whilst the larger directories (like London Escort Guide) get 6000 visitors per day.

While we are on this Overview page, some other interesting facts can be gathered.

USERS – how many different people came to your site
PAGES – the average number of web pages they visited on your agency web site
AVE SESSION DURATION – how long a user spends on your site, which is now considered an SEO factor
BOUNCE RATE – this is the number of people that visit the site and then leave, after visiting just one page.

Since most people arrive at your web site via the home page, this page should be engaging, load quickly and UPDATED REGULARLY. This will keep your Bounce Rate lower. A good bounce rate should be between 25 and 40 percent.


One of the other most important numbers we want to explore is WHERE your visitors are coming from. This is particularly interesting if you have paid advertising on several sites. You will be able to see the cost effectiveness of the advertising once you see exactly how many people are being sent from, say a specific escort directory, to your site.


Once here you can set the date range as before,