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Help – Advertising Guide

Spend Your Money Wisely

Once your site is up and running owners of directories and advertising platforms will be bombarding you with emails asking you to spend money with them. In reality, there are only a handful of advertising directories you should focus on, and they won’t be the ones sending out begging emails. Several directories are owned and ran by agency owners (like Turn On London) who use their directory to promote their own escort agency sites that they own and , as you can see, have copied London Escort Guide extensively. If you link to them,  or if you link to any other directory that copies LEG, such as All London – do not expect any favours from LEG.

Traffic from any directory or review site is, we think, GOOD QUALITY traffic. These are people that are really looking for escorts. They have gone to a directory, searched, found a girl they like and have now jumped over to your agency site. So good quality referrals from people who are serious, for the most part. Links from a Google search result could be people just looking at pictures, but directory traffic is from people who have done a bit of digging before they clicked over to your site.

There are many directories out there that are happy to take advertisers money and freely and openly list fake girls. Since London Escort Guide came along, with the very first aggressive no fake policy, many directories have cleaned their act up a bit, but if you go to a directory and see fakes on there DO NOT ADVERTISE WITH THEM. Doubt will be sown as to the validity of your own girls.


The Escort Directories Of Note

+ London Escort Guide | LINK
Hands down, the most important directory in London. Google Analytics stats show that you will get more traffic from ‘LEG’ than any other London escort directory by far and – full disclosure – Moist Pixels not only built LEG but also has a financial interest.

For many agencies LEG provides them between 50% and 75% of all of their traffic, and since the site is on page one for over 20 search terms, in effect, you too can be on page one by being on LEG. In terms of traffic from all directories (therefore excluding any organic SEO traffic), LEG usually provides around 90% of your traffic, so it dwarfs other directories.

LEG mixes free with paid advertising. You can list your agency and all of your girls for free, but other higher visibility advertising is available for purchase. To help you with any paid advertising please email Alex and for new agencies you can register here.  LEG does require a reciprocal link from the bottom of your home page. Copy the LEG banner code from here, and in your CMS go to the PAGE EDITOR > HOME and scroll to the bottom of the page, and paste the banner code into an empty HTML CODE box, and click SAVE.

Once on LEG you should post to the home page newsfeed once a day and post to Page Two every day. Both activities are free.

Since LEG is so popular, with usually between 6000 and 7000 escorts listed at any one time, standing out can be difficult, so (optional) paid advertising will help. The admin area on the site allows you to edit, delete and update your escort listings and paid advertising at any time, so you can promote one girl for a week or so, and then switch her out for another girl.

+ Captain 69 | LINK
Another free site with optional paid advertising. Not the powerhouse it once was and over recent years has been on the decline, but is still relevant, with a resistant group of members who have been there for years.  Free to upload girls and a free agency listing in return for a home page banner link on your web site. Options to pay for banner advertising through the site. Part of the appeal of C69 is the reviews, which again were so important a few years ago but now have been superseded by other review sites, specifically The Erotic Review
Make sure all of your girls are listed and old ones deleted.
Get active on the forum

Worth linking to them as they link back, providing you with a valuable backlink. List your agency for free, with optional ‘sponsored links’ where you can advertise specific girls or pay to get your agency listing come or near the top of the single text column of agency listings.

+ Punterlink | LINK
A sprawling but well established site and popular more throughout the UK rather than London. This is a UK based resource with a LOT of content. Fairly active discussion boards where you can post escort news for free, once registered. You will get some traffic from these guys, so if you have several hours to kill why not sit back and try to understand how this site works? If you do, let me know, because I have no idea.

+ Punternet | LINK
Another sprawling site that I don’t really understand. A very confusing mess of escort activity, but has a loyal following and covers all of the UK. The announcements calendar is free to post to, I know that much. Reasonably active discussion board. Free to register and post your girls, but in desperate need for a total overhaul and redesign.

+ London UK Escorts | LINK
Dear God – please hire us to clean up this site too. This is another example of cutting edge 1990’s design. Part of the Punterlink network, which may explain why the site looks like it does, and if you get sucked into the vortex of this site good luck on finding your way out. Free to get listed, so another valuable back link, and they require one of their banners on your home page.

+ Eros London | LINK
In the States Eros is every major city, making it the dominant force for escort advertising in America. However, here in London it’s a different story, and London based directories by far govern the market. The brand recognition means that you may get some traffic from the site, but they are mostly American tourists on holiday.
Eros is a paid site only, with no free advertising. Paid banners and paid individual girl advertising can be purchased.